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Tony Freudmann has dedicated his career to improving the travel and aviation industries. By adapting to technological trends and anticipating advancements, Tony has effectively implemented advanced practices for improved travel experience, both for providers and travelers. In attempt to better suit the needs of all parties involved, Tony is opening up the discussion to the public. Through a series of blogs and articles, Tony hopes to create a larger discussion of the wants and needs of those traveling and providing travel/ aviation services.

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Getting to Know You: Tony Freudmann, Director of RiverOaks Strategic Partners

We talk to Tony Freudmann whose company RiverOak Strategic Partners are in the process of converting Manston airport in Kent to be a fully equiped cargo hub in 2022.

Tony Freudmann

The Rise of Remote Workers in the Airline Industry

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular throughout numerous industries. Tony Freudmann dives into how this change is impacting the airline industry.

How Technology is Streamlining Air Travel

Advances in technology are transforming aviation and thus the travel industry. But is it for better or worse?

Tony Freudmann
Tony Freudmann

Meet Tony Freudmann

Tony Freudmann walks you through his career in the travel industry, highlighting key moments of success.

An Interview with Tony Freudmann

As an entrepreneur, Tony has mastered the art of productivity and persistence. In this interview he shares his tips.

Freudmann Medium

The Manston Airport in Kent, London has a long history that the reopening will highlight and celebrate.

The Technology Behind Airport Success

Travelling, whether for business or pleasure, is often a fun experience, but many don’t realize what it takes to make an airport run smoothly.