Tony Freudmann

Meet Tony Freudmann

Born and raised in London, UK, Tony Freudmann has established a successful career in the travel industry that spans over 30 years.

The Freudmann family began working in the travel agency in 1960, with Tony’s father being one of the pioneers of travel in Europe after WWII. This sparked a lifelong interest in travel and aviation.

In 1967, Tony received a Bachelor of Laws from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Upon graduation, Tony began working in the travel industry, successfully making a name for himself by the mid 90s. As the Senior Vice President of PlaneStation plc, Tony was responsible for delivering the Group’s global airport acquisition strategy. After 11 years in this role, Tony pursued his own venture and opened a consultancy agency called FT International Ltd. As the owner, Tony delivered high level consultancy services in relation to aviation and tourism development in both the public and private sectors, throughout the UK, Germany, and the U.S.

After 8 successful years working in consulting, Tony began working with Annax Aviation Services as the Chief Executive Officer, managing global regional airports and airlines acquisition strategy of a privately owned investment group. In 2014, Tony was asked to head the Manston Airport project as the Director of RiverOak, where he continues to work towards revitalizing this abandoned historic landmark into a civilian airport.